• Invest

    We invest in economic education programmes that give students practical insight into the entrepreneurial mind-set.

  • Involve

    We involve ourselves actively in economic education through three different programmes to foster the next generation as well as the Swiss workplace.

  • Inspire

    We inspire over 6'000 students every year to become part of the Swiss economy and are supported in this effort by more than 500 volunteers and teachers.


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Facts & Figures 2016 / 2017

  • 6000 Students
  • 340 Teachers
  • 245 Volunteers

Main Partners

  • Ubs Sw
    Swiss Prime Site Sw

Company Programme Partners

  • Avina Sw
    Coop Sw
  • Coop Sw
    Ige Sw
  • Ige Sw
    Swiss Re Sw
  • Swiss Re Sw
    Rising Tide Sw

Corporate Volunteering Partners

  • Accenture Sw
    Axa Winterthur Sw
  • Axa Winterthur Sw
    Cembra Sw
  • Cembra Sw
    Credit Suisse Sw
  • Credit Suisse Sw
    Ey Sw
  • Ey Sw
    Uri Sw
  • Uri Sw
    Pwc Sw
  • Pwc Sw
    State Street Sw
  • State Street Sw
    Swisscom Sw
  • Swisscom Sw
    Adp Sw
  • Adp Sw
    Bloomberg Sw